An Ode to Bread


Heirloom Breads & Pastry

Dundas, Ontario


Dear Grain is a modern bakery on a mission to return bread to its rightful place in OUR LIVES. 

Bread once held a place at the centre of the table. It symbolized nourishment, community and connection. Today it’s a sea of commoditized flour, empty calories and cardboard crust. At some point in the past fifty years, with automated food processing, we forgot about the beauty behind a freshly baked loaf of bread.


We forgot about the seed, the sprout and the seasonality of wheat.

We forgot about the farmer, the flour miller and the terroir behind the taste.  

We forgot about the array of grain varietals that offer a feast of different flavour profiles.

We forgot about the power of patience encompassed in a slow overnight fermentation. 

We forgot about the dedication and mastery involved in preparing that perfect loaf.


At Dear Grain we are passionate about restoring — and spreading —the true story of bread. We want to share the indescribable experience of a warm loaf made with heritage grains and fresh-milled flour, to rebuild the relationship between farmers, bakers, millers and the broader community, and invite people to taste the difference between grain varietals and experience the flavours of seasonal and regional wheats.


Bread and Pastry


Our BREAD AND PASTRY menu is seasonal and changeS frequently in response to best ingredients available.  

All of our loaves are made with natural levain and slow fermented for up to 48 hours. We’ll source a range of flours to help guests experience a host of different flavour profiles—each recipe rooted in the characteristics of the region it was grown. Below is a sampling.

  • Spiced Raisin + Oat Porridge

  • Polenta Rosemary

  • Olive + Lemon

  • Niagara Peach + Basil

  • Buckwheat + Cranberry

  • Ancient Einkorn

  • Country Bread

  • Dear Rye

  • Chocolate Butter Babka

  • Black Pepper Parmesan

  • Everything Seed (GF)

  • Japanese Sesame + Rice Porridge

Dear Grain has also begun to offer beautiful fresh pastry alongside our breads. Inspired by the baking traditions of Austria, Hungary, France and Scandinavia, we’re mixing this timeless craft with contemporary ideas, global ingredients and a dash of imagination.


An experiment in bread + community


We are steadfast believers in the social power of food.

Beyond our baked goods, we are experimenting with community programming at our bakery. Dundas was once a capital of Canadian milling, an idyllic image of small Canadian town that proudly produced quality flours for its local families.  We can think of nowhere better for this comeback story. Our long-term vision is to create a community bread lab. A space that spawns a baking collective— from communal ovens to masterclasses teaching a new crop of bakers the methods and mindset required for this next wave of bread.



Dear Grain’s breads will be sold at specialty shops and select restaurants in the Dundas/Hamilton region. And you can always find it at our bakery in the Detour Cafe. Because great coffee and great bread are everything.